Monday, May 4, 2009


We crossed the 7 month mark and Dean is still not crawling. Trust me, there is NO complaint from this end. I am so thankful to be able to sit him down and know that he will be there when I turn around. He's discovered that he can get up on all fours from a sitting position and does that cute little rocking motion - his own form of dancing. But he hasn't discovered that his arms and legs are the things that will actually make him go forward. He's great at laying on his belly and reaching, rolling, and squirming, but once his legs start to pull up his face immediately plants to the floor. I think that once he gets that big head up, he'll take off. For now I watch in horror as he gets more and more confident and coordinated. You can see him plotting out where he's going to go first. Scary.

This picture is even scarier than the thought of him crawling: the thought of him driving (not riding) a motorcycle. With Josh as his father, and Dave (Josh's dad) as his grandfather I'm sure that he will be on a dirtbike by the time he's 5.

We've talked about how going to visit Grammy and Pop in Michigan will be like super camp for boys: jets skis, dirt bikes, fishing, tractors...oh boy. Dave is known for wearing his signature grey Barricklow Lawn Service t-shirts everywhere he goes...weddings, school board meetings, mowing laws...everywhere. Well, it was only fitting that he got Dean his own little grey tshirts that Josh outfitted with Barricklow Lawn Service. Dave, this could be your new ad.