Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lake House Magic

We went to my family's lake house this past weekend with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew for a few days of rest and connection. What a magical place the lake house is. There is something about that house and that location that immediately puts me at ease and helps me to forget about any stress or angst that I may be having. To those that have been there you'll completely understand what I'm talking about.

We spent 3 days floating in the water, eating as much food as we could put in our bodies, wondering at the marvel of our children, and discussing what the future may bring our way. I wish that we had many more days there. It brought back memories of what it was like at the lake house when I was growing up. I hope that my kids get to experience that same kind of family vacation environment: freedom to play all day, no scheduled restrictions, meals together on the porch, games played together, and a family room full of kids in sleeping bags.

Uncle Zach, Tia Lauren, and Noah

First push-up pop!

Trying to stay in the shade in the Pink Throne

Cousin hugs

Dean spent a good bit of everyday playing by himself on the porch. He hardly ever wanted to even come inside.

A Schlitz, a baby, and a pink raft...what more could you need?

Passed out on a long, hot walk. Notice the box of raisins still held tightly in his hand.

Breakfast. Aren't we beautiful?

The pier

My nephew Noah and his favorite face

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Disney Dean

Last week Josh had a conference in Orlando and Dean and I were invited to tag along. We were all put up in Disney's Caribbean Resort for 4 days, and while Josh went to seminars and worked at a sales booth, Dean and I swam in the pools (there were 8), played on the "beach", took long walks on the paths, and lived it up Disney style. We are completely convinced why Disney World has the reputation it does for being such a great family vacation destination. EVERYTHING is catered towards families, mainly families with small kids. Not once did we have to think twice about where we could/should go, where to eat, or even how to get there. It is well worth the money spent. Dean isn't even 2 yet and had the time of his life...and we didn't even go to the Magic Kingdom but ONCE! Here are some random pictures from our fun-filled week.

Enjoying a snack by the pool.

Riding the carousel with Daddy at Downtown Disney one night. He was so serious while on the ride and as soon as it would stop he would wail and grip that pole as if his life depended on it. The kid did not understand why he couldn't just ride it all day.

Making out with a statue of Cinderella. He asked to be picked up and then lunged at her.

Building a tower and playing with the lego dogs at Lego Land one night after dinner.

The main pool where the Pirate Ship and water slides were. This was Dean's favorite place to be. He would just float in the middle of the pool with his swimmies on, watching everything around him. He still asks to go see the "ite ship".

More fun at one of the pools.

Playing in Toontown at Disney.
They said Dean was too short to ride the kiddie roller coaster, but they had no problems letting him DRIVE the race cars. Josh worked the pedals, Dean did the steering. Josh said he had a major headache by the time they were done from slamming into the rails over and over.

We ended upstaying at the park until after 10pm so we could watch the light parade and fireworks. Josh's cousins met us in the park for dinner and we had a great night together. We took a few days to get home, enjoying a slow morning swimming in yet another pool and then a night in Hilton Head with our good friends the Kemeny's (the family that introduced us!). Although it's always good to be back home, I am sad that our trip is over. It was such a great bonding time for the 3 of us. It really is a magical place that brings the kid out in you. I don't know if I've ever seen Josh quite so excited and silly :)