Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas come early

I've been very slack about blogging lately. Dean is now almost 13 months and I still have nothing up about his first birthday. Before I do that, I have to tell you all about what happened the other night. Every night after his bath we let Dean play in his room while he watches Baby Einstein...naked. We call this naked time and felt like this was an important time of the day, especially for a little boy. It's so fun to see his chubby white butt bopping around the room. We had been lucky with only a few leaks in the 9 months that we've been doing this.

While Dean is enjoying his movie and freedom, I use the time to tidy up upstairs. The other night I went into our bedroom to put away some clothes. When I left the room Dean was standing up in from of his movie talking to the puppets. When I returned to the room one minute late, Dean was in the very same place but seemed to be playing with something. Can you guess what it was? My sweet little boy had defecated on the floor, picked it up, and was playing with it. He had lined it up in a neat little row in front of the TV and was trying to give it to the little doggie on the screen.

I screamed, which of course scared him to death. I scooped him up and threw him on the changing table, trying to wipe down his hands before he could touch anything else. Goodness. Luckily it was a neat little business and there wasn't a huge mess to clean. After the clean up was done and I allowed him (now fully diapered) to return to his movie and play, he frantically searched the floor and table for his new toys and had a bit of a tantrum when he found them gone. C'est la vie Dean.