Monday, April 5, 2010

Renewing Life

I actually wrote this a month ago, but didn't post.

A lot has happened in the last few months. Dean is now running, talking, climbing, "swimming", helping with yard work, cleaning up his toys, and bringing us endless joy every day. As his personality and independence make themselves known, we are discovering what is is really like to be parents. While still an incredibly easy child, he is opening our eyes to what may lay ahead. His newest word is "No", although he always says it about 5 times in a row to get his point across, "no, no, no, no, no". The word is both a blessing and a curse I'd say. It has been tremendously helpful is knowing what he wants to communicate which was predicated with grunts and whines. At the same time, I am anticipating hearing more and more of this lovely little phrase and growing to cringe when I expect it to come.

Josh and I find ourselves renewing discussions of who we want to be as parents and how thankful we are for the amazing examples that we have in our lives. The taste of parenthood that we've had has shown us how integrated each and every relationship we have is. No longer are things separated into neat little categories as we see fit. As our flexibilities seem to become stunted and we are beginning to hold tightly to the moments that we have with our friends and families. I am struggling with the realization that I can not just take off to go visit a friend or hike for the weekend. While this has been a reality for some time, I think it is really just now sinking in. I am craving more intimate relationships and more meaningful conversations.

In January, Josh and I received the wonderful news that we are expecting our second child on September 22, the birthday of my brother and granddaddy. The week we found out happened to be right around the time when the reality of my granddaddy's cancer was becoming apparent. It was as if God was giving us a reminder that with life comes death, but with death brings live renewed. Granddaddy passed away last month. I hope that the spirit of that man flows through this baby growing inside of me. We love you "Daddaddy"!